Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pubs and Published clips

Wow, quite the response asking for details about the pub last night! I'm nervous now, I think a few people at work have started reading the blog. So if you work for AP and were out with me last night, feel free to skip this entry. After were there.
But for those Dallas-ites that have asked...
A group from work met up last night at Smith's on Smithfield, a local bar about a five minute walk from the office. It was the first time I'd interacted with some of the people at the office more than "Oi, intern! Call the Ministry of Defense for me, will ya?" It was interesting to hear their perspectives on the office, especially the reporters who were from Britain. It must be strange to work as a foreign correspondent in your hometown...
Our group of correspondents from Britain, Australia, Canada and the US talked about everything from the future of the newspaper industry to musicals over the course of the night. There was some sports talk, mostly about hockey, that I had absolutely no chance of keeping up with. Most of it was about titles won before I was even born_which I held over the heads of the sports guys trying to make me look stupid.
Then we met up with more reporters at a cafe in Islington. Nigerian beats mixed in with some Black Eyed Peas (the band, not the food), and more conversation about where reporters had worked in Africa and the Caribbean. Then a cab home, where most of my roommates were still up gossiping about each other.
Definitely a fun night, I'll absolutely have to meet up with people from work again.
Tonight, I managed tickets to an early showing of the fifth Harry Potter movie! Then off to Edinburgh on Friday morning.
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