Thursday, July 12, 2007

For MAJOR Harry Potter fans

(Warning: I am about to reveal my true inner nerd here so bear with me if you are a fan. Otherwise, this entry may not be for you)
So Jill Lawless, out AP arts writer with an awesome last name, headed to Edinburgh this morning to interview Jo Rowling, Harry Potter author. As she left, she jokingly asked me if I had any questions for her.
I wrote them down for her so she wouldn't forget.
Well, actually it is just one question: What does Hermione smell when she smells love potion?
See, in the 6th book, potions professor Slughorn has a cauldron of the strongest love potion in the world, which smells different to every person. For Harry, it smells like the wood of his broomstick handle, treacle tart, and "something flowery" that he smelled at the Burrow (where Ginny Weasly lives, wink wink)
Hermione admits to smelling new parchment, freshly mowed grass and...
Then she stops! And we never learn what she smells! She blushes and Slughorn moves on with the class.
So I asked Jill to ask Jo, which she did, and I am thrilled to tell you...
To Hermione, the potion smells like Ron's hair. Isn't that the sweetest thing you've ever heard?

Back to tracking down UN officials to discuss the political backlash terrorism could have on asylum legislation in Britain...


Caroline Zilk said...

ooooh my goodness!!!! It was amazing. & you are lovely as well.

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TDT said...

So, couldn't you get a ride with her to Jo's house?