Wednesday, July 11, 2007

London is crowded...

Home in a month! Weird... For those of y'all who have asked, I am very sad that at one point I'll have to leave this incredible city and go back to the bustling news hub that is Columbia, Missouri. But there are a few things here I wont miss.
Namely, crowds.
I mean, look, I might be a small girl but I will fight to get on that bloody train, and I will fight hard. I've started carrying the 6th Harry Potter book with me. Handy reading material...and occasional weapon. It's got much sharper corners than my paperback copy of Feminine Mystique.
(You think I'm kidding. The other night I had a dream that I was on this same internship program, but it was set in the late-1700's and the whole point was to have babies instead of jobs. I told my flatmates, who blame it on my having read Pride and Prejudice and Feminine Mystique back-to-back!)
Last night was a blast. My flatmate Cali and I went to see Billy Elliot, a musical about a boy who just wants to dance. She got the tickets online for £20, and we had incredible seats on the second row of the balcony. I'd never seen the movie or the show, but it was way fun and the theater was absolutely beautiful.
Tonight, I'm off to a pub with the sports desk! Cheers!

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