Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pictures, as promised

Man, I put these pictures up and then realized that most of them have to do with Harry Potter... I promise that the rest of the time the weather was just too awful to take a picture! We really did see more of the city, haha. But as you can see, the castle is visable everywhere andis just stunning. The tour inside was amazing.

The music festival we stopped in at when the weather was nice. Beautiful, huh?

The hotel where JK Rowling finished the 7th Harry Potter book, which comes out Friday!

View from the castle. A little left of center is the street market where Rachel and I would get crepes for breakfast

View from the castle

Just a funny pub outside the castle

View from halfway up the hill to the castle

Inside the cafe called the ELephant House which claims Rowling drank coffe and wrote about the boy wizard when she couldnt afford her heating bills

That's Edinburgh castle behind me!

One of the cafes where JK Rowling wrote the first 2 HPoks

Rebekah and me at the only restaurant in town that serves Dr Pepper AND lets you sit outside!

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