Monday, July 16, 2007

Edinburgh was a blast!

It was wonderful to spend time in a city that wasnt crowded and dirty and loud for a change. Edinburgh (pronounced Edin-burrow, all you Texans), was on a whole other pace, which helped Rachel and I relax after a furious two months in London.
Edinburgh was rainy and freezing, so we bought tickets on one of those lame tourguide buses so we could see the city without actually having to go outside. Somehow, we got on the tour bus with the raunchy, racous, hyper-Scottish tour guides (the rest were remarkably Engilsh), so we spent the tours laughing and being made fun of. We saw the house where Robert Louis Stevenson grew up (Oh, how I love to go up in a swing!), the lake where Scots drowned women they thought were witches, Edinburgh castle, and other Scotland tourist-y highlights.
And there were kilts everywhere! I expected the occasional bagpipe-playing, kilt-wearing Scotsman yucking it up for the tourists, but, really, every man dressed for a nice evening out was wearing a kilt! I loved it. Makes me wish I could wear one, but I settled for trying Haggis to make me feel like I was one with the Scots. (By the way, Haggis is delicious and no, I dont know whats in it and have chosen not to thank you very much)
When the sun was out, we hung out at an outdoor music festival at a park on the main drag and a little French market over by our hostel (which they called a "guest house" because it is "nicer" which is a lie).
The trip was a bit of a Harry Potter pilgrimage (fer nerdy lil' me, anyways.) We saw the cafes where Jo Rowling finished the first two books, and the hotel where she completed the last one. Clues about where Rowling got her scenery and characters for the series are everywhere in Edinburgh: We ate at the Hogshead, we visited the graveyard that looks up to Edinburgh Castle high on a hill, we went through closes (or alleys) that resembled Diagon and Knockturn Alley. Again, way way nerdy, but a really fun way to spend the weekend before the final book comes out, and its all finished forever.
I took tons of pictures, but the internet is out in my flat, so I'll have to post them all up later.

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