Thursday, June 7, 2007

She works hard for no money

So I just met Tom Curley, president of the Assoicated Press.
He is in town from NY to attend the funeral of a photographer who was recently killed in the Middle East, but he took some time to come in to our bureau and introduce himself. My editor, Danica, introduced me as 'the intern from Missouri', at which point his eyes lit up and he mumbled something about our school of journalism. Danica looked at me and said, "Lindsay, this is Tom Curley, the President of the AP."
I wanted to be like, "No duh."
But I didn't. I shook his hand,('President, huh? We'll i thought I'd heard that somewhere. I'm Lindsay') and we had a quick chat about my program that landed me here. A colluege who is helping me with my Israeli boycott story told him about what we were working on.
"I am very excited to read that, D'Arcy" he said.
"Well, its the intern whose doing it," D'Arcy mumbled, pointing to me.
I win.

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TDT said...

El Presidente, eh?