Sunday, June 10, 2007

Harry Potter and Hare Krishna

Quite a week!
First off, remember the 'man-eats-dog' story I wrote? Well, turns out the artist lied to my face (as well as to countless other news organizations) about Yoko Ono (not) being there. So I had to spend an entire day writing a correction that no, indeed, Yoko Ono did not eat a dog. Outrageous. The good news is, we are not being sued by Yoko because we did not say that she was definately there. I called the artist to ask why he lied, and he said that Reuters had yelled at him for lying.
'He kept yelling saying he was going to lose his job,' the artist said incredulously of the Reuters reporter.
'Well, the truth is our job, Mark. If we dont tell the truth then we failed for that day." I replied.
"Oh god. I hope she doesnt sue you, you seem nice."
Gee, thanks...
This weekend I went to see Equuis with my flatmate Rebekah. We both have a deep love for the theater, as well as for Harry Potter, so it seemed fitting. The play was wonderful, and we had great box seats at stage left. Afterwards, we went around back to casually get a glace at Daniel Radcliff. Fat chance. There was a huge crowd ready with programmes and cameras and he STILL didnt come out. Rebekah and I found his huge fan base far more amusing than his scribble on our programme, so we left and grabbed some sushi.
OH, and I forgot. before the play, we went to Leichester (pronounced Lester) Square for a picnic. Turns out, it was Spirit in the City day. Imagine a huge, texas style revival meeting in the 2nd busiest square in london. It was so bizzare, there was singing and yelling...and then these girls and boys in hoop skirts and courtier outfits, respectively, came out to dance a May Pole Dance (in June) singing about an 'English country garden' (in London). THEN, a group of dredlocked dancing Hare Krishna devotees came in for a non-violent god-centered smackdown with the priests and nuns. All the while you can hear the boys and girls making a May Pole in the back ground...
Rebekah had to drag me to the play.
Oh London.


Today I went back to Kensington Gardens to read the paper and eat lunch/dinner. Its sunny and warm here, so the park was packed with families and couples and students...the perfect place to people watch. I took a quick tour of Kensington Palace (quaint if not boring) before heading back to finish my homework for the class we have every Monday night.
The private gardens at Kensington Palace (yes, I snuck in...)


Lindsay said...

Dude, it totally looks like I broke my right arm in that picture of me at Equuis. Weird

TDT said...

Dude-ette, you've always been that way!