Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Busy week!

Howdy y'all! Sorry I havent posted in a while!
This weekend was really beautiful, so I spent the whole 2 days outside. I visited the Tower of London (my favorite place in all of Europe) and was led around by a Beefeater, and I spent Sunday in Kensington Gardens reading the paper by the swan pond. The picture below shows the area I was picnicing at!

Then back to work. Ive been working since Friday on an article about British unions that are boycotting Israel. You've probably heard about it, it's all over the news. Im working on a piece that puts these boycotts into context within time and history, politics, cultures, even geography. Its been a really fun piece to write, and hopefully it will be filed today or tomorrow! Ill let you know, though.
But yea, working on that piece has been draining. All my roommates started work this week, so we all come home and just crash, and I just look at them and think, "All you did was get coffee and go to lunch today! Why are YOU so tired!" But what are you gunna do?
Oh, and this will give you some insight into what its like to write for a wire service: My editor read my 1500 word story last night at around 6:30 pm. Then she looks up at me and goes, "You did a really good job with this. You did some really wonderful reporting.
"Enjoy that, because I wont tell you that again."
Well, OK, boss! Whatever you say...

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