Saturday, June 2, 2007


I found my Sgt Pepper piece on…God must have a sense of humor.,4670,MusicSgtPepperAnniversary,00.html
Work has been wonderful but exhausting. The right side of my neck is absolutely throbbing from leaning my head to the left to keep the phone against my shoulder while I hurriedly take notes. Speaking of which, it is amazing how many people will call you back when you say you are with the Associated Press. Kinda different than the Missourian.
My 5 roommates have been really wonderful, especially seeing as how 6 girls have to be ready for classes/work/interviews at the same time and we have one, small bathroom.
There’s Rachel, my sorority sister whom I knew before coming over. She is a magazine design major from Witchita, Kansas, and she will start working for Retail Weekly next week designing the layout for their magazine. Rachel is a very nurturing, sweet, almost mothering personality, so we’ve adopted her as our flat-mom.

Rebekah, Rachel, and me

Rebekah and Cali
Rebekah, who was also from Witchita but moved around a lot also, is a convergence (i.e. internet) major and will be writing for the Institute of War and Peace Reporting. Cali, also a convergence major, is working for the Index on Censorship. Both of these publications track social justice issues as they apply to journalists and publish big, seasonal magazines. Cali and Rebekah, who knew each other before coming over here, are the types of J-students who A) are graduating with honors, B) are graduating early and C) make sure you know it. They were hard to get to know in the beginning as they stuck with the two guys on the trip to whom A, B, and C also apply. Luckily, a mutual love for Harry Potter has brought out the nerd in all of us and I’ve gotten to know them a lot better.

Maria and Maggie
Maria, who is originally from Bulgaria, will be working for E-Map in their advertising department. She and Maggie, who also knew each other before coming over, are both in advertising, or strategic communications as they call it. Although I don’t remember where Maggie is working…
Maria and Maggie are the types who always know where the party is, even if they don’t know what was in the paper that day. If its light outside, you can find them in, on Facebook with their friends or on the phone to a boyfriend. But once the sun comes out, these are the girls you wanna know! Most of us in the flat are the types who would spend our money on museums and shows, not pubs and clubs…a night out with Maggie and Maria will never disappoint.

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The Sgt Pepper piece was broadly carried, including Time, CNN, etc.