Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Speaking of Harry Potter

Did I ever put up the link to my Harry Potter Theme Park story? here it is again Just in Case. I published the above version, and then the AP bureau in Orlando stole the story, re-wrote the lede, interviewed a 15-year-old, and put someone else's by-line on it. Ah well.
Yesterday, I attended a Homeland Security conference at the Royal United Services Institute. It was bizzare walking in. I was the only woman, the only person under 40 if not 50, the only person with fair hair, and the only person wearing green in a sea of black and navy suits. On one hand, people we eager to talk to me but on the was a touch scary at the beginning. But I managed to become chums with a senior officer in the Ministry of Justice in the Netherlands, who ended up showing me around and introducing me to everyone. Hopefully I'll get to write a longer form piece about the defense industry in England!

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TDT said...

Looks like the RUSI has a pretty nice piece of real estate a block off the river, next to Big Ben.