Thursday, July 5, 2007

Train Derailment,,-6759974,00.html

Got to cover a train derailment today! The bureau chief walked out of her office and asked if any1 would go to the scene of the train accident, and I was like, uh...Yes. So I got to go and write the above story.
Pretty cool!

*UPDATE*: I first heard about the train derailment when I was on the Picadilly line going to work. I take the Picadilly line (which cuts a hypotenuse through central London) about 8 stops from Earl's Court to Holborn every day. Then I hop east one stop on the Central line to get to Chancery Lane. My office is located between the Burger King and the Mcdonalds on High Holborn by Chancery Lane...incase any of y'all are in the area anytime soon!
Anyway, when I was in Holborn switching to the Central line, I heard a Tube official say frantically that there'd been a problem and if you could seek an alternte route, you should. Now, the people who work for the tube are very VERY honest (I always hear over the intercom about ppl stuck under trains and think, do I really need to know that?). So when they say take another route, I take another route. I walked the trip from Holborn to Chancery Lane, and thats when I heard more specifics.
Luckily, the derailment happened far away from me. I live in the south-west and work in the center of London. The derailmnet happened in the north-east.

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