Saturday, June 30, 2007

More car bombs...

...sort of.
A car on fire crashed into Scotland's largest airport at 3 pm here, while I was covering the increased security at the gay pride parade (which was a blast! Ill post that link later)
The car was on fire, and Glasgow airport and a Glasgow hospital have been evacuated.
But, man, I've been at work today for coming up on 12 hours now. I'm sure I could leave if I wanted, but they are ordering pizza...
Plus I'm getting to do some pretty cool stuff. It's been harder to get info on this because A) its the weekend, B) its past 5, and C)everyones alot more careful now to not say too much. But to just be here, Im learning loads.

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TDT said...

..., it's the pizza that keeps the troops working, heh?