Monday, May 28, 2007


...was really boring. I went in for half an hour and they taught me how to use the computers. It was just me and one other guy, the poor soul who had to work on the Bank Holiday. He called my boss to ask if I should do anything, but she told me to gout and 'enjoy the rain'!
So I did. On the way home I met Britney and Rachel at the tube stop and hopped on with them to see the National Gallery (again). We rented headsets and walked around learning about the paintings. Then we grabbed some lunch at the cafe downstairs (tuna and cucumber for £2, yum.) As I got up to get a hot chocolate (its freeeezing here) I met a guy from South Africa. We got to talking about his country, and he told me that, if I was interested in South Africa, I had to go outside on Trafalgar Square right now because the 'Tina Turner of SA' was performing a live concert! I went and stood in the freezing rain, but the concert was amazing. The square was PACKED and everyone was celebrating Africa and enjoying the music.
What a day you can have in London when they let you off of work early!

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TDT said...

I had to look it up on Google Maps, but the Nat Gall is on the north side of Trafalgar Sq. says 45 degrees and rain. Time to break out the all-weather flip flops. Tuna and cucumber, heh? It's Memorial Day here, so I guess the Brits have a matching holiday that closes all govt offices.