Monday, May 28, 2007

A Laid Back Weekend

Saturday, a few girls and I went shopping on Portabello Road, a weekend outdoor market known for its hippie clothing and cheap(ish) antiques. It was lovely to walk along the shops, examining the occasional necklace or pashmina, and listening to the blend of accents and languages haggling over prices. For lunch, we found a food booth selling sandwiches for a little over 1£. I had a salmon and creem cheese bagel. Weird, huh?
When it got too cold and rainy, we ditched into the National Gallery. We took the same approach, walking at a leisurely pace through the rooms and stopping occasionally to sit and look at the paintings. We only got to see one wing, so Ill have to go back.
Yesterday, I woke up late and went downstairs to fetch a newspaper. The papers on Sunday are so huge, I fancied I could read all day and still not finish! I took my Observer (like the NY Times) and my News of the World (a very trashy tabloid with occasional political news) to Covent Garden and drank tea and read under a heater outside so I could still watch the street performers.
I spent the evening watching Notes on a Scandal with my roommates because it was so dreadfully cold out. But a pleasant day overall!
Work starts today! Wish me luck!

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TDT said...

Best of luck. Just how cold was it? Hopefully the first day of internship will be worthy of a nice posting.