Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Corgis, Kidneys, and Yoko Ono

You know how when you start an internship, the first thing you do is get coffee and make copies? You walk into the office, and someone who needs his papers filed yells “Intern!” Your whole first week, you poke your head into offices hoping desperately someone will give you a real assignment?
When I walked into the office today, they asked me to call Buckingham Palace and Yoko Ono because a man ate a dog to protest Prince Phillip.
Read the story online at
I spent the morning conducting on-the-street interviews about a reality TV show in the Netherlands where a terminally ill woman donates her kidney to a patient based on viewer voting. That was a blast, walking around the city, asking people what they think and trying to interpret their answers through their accents. The AP Bureau in the Netherlands handled the story, but I got a “contributed” line that named me as an AP writer!!!
See the story at (Yes, that is the International Herald Tribune in which my story is published. Awesome.)
This job so rocks. I was at work until 7 waiting for Yoko to call me back. We’ll see if I get a hold of her tomorrow.


TDT said...

I always thought it was "man bites dog ... ", not "man eats dog ...".

TDT said...

Yoko, no joke-O?