Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Howdy, Y'all!

Man oh man is it hot in this state!
Back in Texas, soaking up the sun and Dr Pepper. Im still trying to wrap my head around the fact that no one here has a British accent.
Well the Air India flight back as not nearly as awful and bumpy as the first one, but they did manage to lose the bags from the plane to the baggage claim so nearly everyone missed thier connecting flight... I barely got to mine!
The girls and I spent our last Sunday in London on a Beatles walking tour. We saw the studios where they made the Yellow Submarine movie and recorded Hey Jude. We saw the office where the Beatles gave their last concert on the rooftop. Below is a pic of the Abbey Road cross walk..we kept blocking traffic to get pictures!

The Tower of London is probably my favorite place in Europe, let alone England. So Rebekah and i went there our last day to see it one last time and to get her boyfriend something. And I mean, this picture just had to happen.

Rebekah and I grabbed a hot dog in a park by Buckingham Palace on one of our last days. She snapped this pic of me feeding the rest of it to the birds.

Walking across the Abbey Road zebra crossing.

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Caroline Zilk said...

I miss yoooouuuuu.

<333 your former flatmate