Monday, July 30, 2007


Back from Vienna! Prepare yourself for a long blog post. Again.
Rachel, Calli and I took a few days off of work to spend 5 days/4 nights in Vienna, including one full day in Budapest. We stayed at a hostel just a few blocks from the U-train station Schwelgerstrasse. Rachel and I were totally lost in a German-speaking city, but luckily Calli studied abroad in Germany last summer and taught us how to say the basics. This seemed to be too complicated for me, however. To apologize in German, I was supposed to say 'Entschuldigung' (pronounced Int-SHUL-dee-gung). For some reason, I kept saying 'Islamabad' which would cause Rach, Cal, and the German speaking person I was talking to (who usually spoke English anyway) to erupt in fits of laughter. Maybe I'll stick with French.
Once we dropped our bags at our suprisingly nice hostel, we caught the U train to Karlsplatz for no real reason except to be out in the lovely, warm weather. We walked around, touring the city and enjoying the fact that it wasn't raining. We had a lovely dinner at a kebap place with outdoor seating before heading to the state opera house. As we stood, admiring the beautiful opera house all lit up at night, two guys dressed as Mozart started trying to talk us up in German. Only in Vienna...
Ill keep updating as the day goes along, so check back for updates.
Ill also be posting pictures, hopefully. My camera broke (wonderful story that I will explain later) so Im hoping I can still get the images from my memory card.

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