Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bombs and the opera

Well, everything has settled down for the most part. They ended up finding 2 cars packed with explosives but they detonated both without harm to anyone.
The AP asked me to come into work today because they think this weekend will be pretty busy, so that's where I'm headed.
On Thursday night, Rebecca, Callie and I went to the opera (posh, huh?). The Royal Opera House was offering 10 pound tickets to students, so we sat on the second row, where ticktets are usually over $300, for a FRACTION of the price. We saw Katya Kabanova, an opera sung in Czech with English surtitles. It was beautiful, but the experience was even more enjoyable knowing that I only had to pay, like, 20$ for the ticket, haha. its good to be a student!

Me and Cal at the opera

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TDT said...

The Royal Opera House is quite impressive. I had to look it up on the Google Earth aerial. Cool location, Covent Garden, Strand, all right there, too.