Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A lot of hot air

Spent Tuesday at a energy savers conference. Terribly interesting, for the first time power providers are discussing openly, publically what their company can do to protect the environment. It's a strange far must these people go to protect the environment if it means cutting back on their own profits?
The conference wasn't for a story. More of a chance to mingle with interesting people and get business cards. And free lunch. Awesome. Most of it went over my head though...I have no idea what carbon trading is!
Today, I interviewed Boris Becker, the famous tennis playboy, at the Ralph Lauren flagship store. It was so nauseating. Everyone was wearing really posh polos and worshiping the ground Boris and David Lauren walked on. Boris didnt look at anyone twice, he kept his gaze steadily at the mirror before him. Fascinating. Ill post the story, though, when it gets out!
I felt so awful as I left, though. This big, buff polo-clad lad handed me a RL shopping bag on my way out. People hand me things all the time_usually press packets with releases and, if I'm lucky, a small chocolate bar. No big. But once I walked down the street, I realized they'd handed me a polo shirt! I now 'own' a navy big polo shirt... Kind of unethical, dontcha think?? (And yes, sister Laura, it is too big for you, lol)

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Kim Coogan said...

It sounds like you are having a wonderful time and learning a lot. Any sightings of Harry? Send us more photos of you and your flatmate and friends, please! Stay safe. Love, Kim