Friday, June 29, 2007

All safe in London,,2114743,00.html

A car bomb was found in London today. It didn't go off, and no one was hurt...but man oh man. This is the first time I've lived in a major city during a terror alert, and I'm not going to lie it freaked me out a little.
I was on the tube this morning on the way to work when I first suspected something. I take the Picadilly Line from Earl's Court to Holborn every morning_a route that passes me right under Picadilly Circus. They announced that Picadilly was closed and evacuated due to a security threat, and my news senses picked up. What could possibly shut down Pic Circle?
I'm helping cover the alert. So far it doesn't appear to be an Al-Qaeda pattern...Its a bit early either to make a big statement about Brown's govt or to 'commemorate' the 7-7 bombings. If its not an Al-Qaeda pattern, than there is less of a chance for there to be other bombs. Also, the car was left (acutally, it was crashed) outside a nightclub in an area not terribly crowded on a Thursday night_another sign it was an isolated incident. More and more, it sounds like the city is safe. But we'll see.
If anything major does happen, I'll post when I can.

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