Monday, June 25, 2007

6 weeks in...

This week marks my half-way point in London. I've got only 6 weeks left!
In honor of this poignant anniversary, and to appease the calls for more posts, I'll post this week a few differences between how I felt about London at the beginning, and how I feel now.
For today:
-THEN: When I came here, I promised that I would not eat at an 'American' place, like McDonalds or Burger King or Subway. There is so much great food, and I loved popping into a cafe or hole-in-the-wall place to grab a bite. I didnt understand why every food item on the menu had 2 prices, nor why I was always charged the more expensive price...But it was only a matter of a few pence so oh well.
-NOW: I admit, I broke the promise not to eat American food yesterday. I was at a music festival at Leister Square and grabbed a Burger King cheeseburger. Restaurants in London have 2 prices, I found out, because 'Take-Away' (or food 2 go) is cheaper. They charge you for eating in the restaurant. So I've started getting takeaway and eating it at my flat or in a park or something. But Sunday, it was raining and freezing and the concert was outside. So while we took a break, Maggie and I ducked into a Burger King, the only restaurant in the square that charged less than £3 for a meal that could be eaten inside.
I admit, it's an excuse...

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TDT said...

Wow. Half way. Didn't you just leave yesterday, ..., or so it seems?