Saturday, May 12, 2007

So why a blog?

I know it is nerdy-if not egomaniacal-to start a blog and expect people to follow it. But I figure this way, I won't have to send out one email to the parents, a different one to the boyfriend, a different one to the sorority sisters, cousins, professors, Columbia friends, grandparents, Dallas friends, etc. everytime something happens. I promise this will not be a journal in which I voice my deepest thoughts and feelings but rather a weekly-ish account of how school/work/life is going in London. Just in case you are curious.

I also promise (this is mostly directed at the parents) that this will not be my sole form of communication to the states. I figure it can just be an easy way to keep tabs, especially since I am awful at getting back to people when they email me.

That being said, wish me luck! I fly out in less than a week!


Lindsay Toler said...
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Lindsay Toler said...

Would YOU like to comment here about my posts?? It's pretty easy. But first, you have to register with GoogleAccounts. Dont worry, they wont send you spam or anything. Its just to hold some accountability over the person commenting. All they need is your email address, and you get to make up your own password. Thats it. So if you'd like to comment, dont be afraid to register. Otherwise, just email me at

TDT said...

Yippee, my first post on a blog! Lindsay, we'll miss you so much so you gotta keep us updated!